Changsha capture station

Project in progress


MT(2018-01-03): Francis, Jacek, Abylay,
I have placed the antenna that comes with the JokerTVgadget (jtvg) in the window of the server room
and connected it to jtvg. I have connected jtvg to my Macbook Pro and told joker-player to scan for DTMB

Reception of CCTV1, which is the most important, on channels 31, 79, and 90, seems to me to be perfect.  Here’s a still shot:

Reception of CCTV13 on channel 91 also seems good:

There are other stations:

Even better, it continues to work with the same quality when I place the antenna on (what I am pleased to find is an unremembered)
ledge on the top of the cupboard:

So, I have attached jtvg to the sands station network.

Let’s test this configuration.  

In the next message, I will write to you about possibilities other than the tiny OTA antenna.

Here is a close-up. I have reinforced the USB connections with electrical tape.  I have also
sealed with electrical tape the unused USB port on HD1 and the satellite connector on JokerTVgadget:

In other fun news, I bought a clothesline at the corner convenience mart from which to hang the ethernet cable 
connecting sands to the ethernet port in the server rack.  
It’s yellow, with little clothes pins:

That’s all, folks.  Time to test remotely: scan, locate, record, test the recordings.

Entertainment: A view of Changsha from the Red Hen server room: